Question regarding personal projects Testing Scripts and where to find them

Hello everyone,

I tried to search for some topics related to it but I might not be the best at using the right key words to search through a forum.
Anyways, I completed the Responsive Web Design certification and I am now following the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures one.

When I was following the Responsive Web Design I often lost my personal projects code because I forgot to save the code before closing the window so I searched for a way to test it locally and stumbled upon this post:

Where @lasjorg gave this JS script to test the projects :
<script src=""></script>

But this script does not seem to include the tests for the JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certification so I was wondering if there is any script out here that could.
If there is already a post about where to find testing scripts, could you please redirect me to it?
And if there is not I believe it could be an helpful post to make for people with slow internet connection or other problems that would benefit from being able to test their code locally.


Hi there. As far I am aware of, the testable-projects-fcc bundle is no longer being used. That repository was archived a little over ten months ago from what I understand. As for being able to test locally, that’s a bit of a tricky one. As long as you take note of and stick to the directions and the hint text provided to you, your code should be able to pass the challenge if that’s any consolation. Good old manually testing by calling your functions and logging the results don’t hurt either.

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The test script should (more or less) still work for the frontend (RWD/Libraries projects) and data viz challenges. But that is all it was used for.

Any changes or updates to the requirements will not be reflected in the test script.

It is a little counter-intuitive but if you are not signed in to your account the browser saves your code to local storage. You can technically complete all the challenges not signed in and then sign in. Now every step will have your code. It will however clear it when you submit your answer when you are signed in.

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Alright, got it.

Thank you both for the answers, it is indeed a bit counter-intuitive to not be signed it for the browser to save the code but I am sure it as designed this way for a reason. I am guessing to not clog FCC servers trying to stock everyone’s code.

Anyways, thanks again.

It doesn’t affect the backend, it just has the potential to cause some inconsistency client-side (local storage is in the browser).

I believe the main issue is we can’t control the storage well enough and it can get full and cause other issues. So it is safer to not store it and/or clear it between challenges. That doesn’t matter as much when you are not signed in.