Question regarding tagging

So I realize I may not be doing a best practices with how I’m using GitHub but I’m hoping there’s a possible resolution and what I want to do is possible. Here’s the thing,
on my computer I have a an fccWebDesignProjects directory and in there I have the five different projects. Similarly, I have a GitHub pages directory with a few different projects I’ve done that I want people to see without having to clone.
In each of these two directories I have two branches. For instance, in the projects directory, each of the projects has the master branch (natch) and a develop branch. The develop branch is different in that it only refers to the particular projects master branch. I did the same in GitHub pages except the branch name is different.
Here’s the issue. I wanted to tag one of the projects in GitHub pages but what happened was everything was tagged. Is it because I used the same name to do my development? Should I have used a unique name for each project?

Here’s the link to my GitHub repo

Btw, my reasoning for doing it this way was when I move to a newer computer all I have to do is one clone and everything is grouped together easier.

@Roma hey buddy, I am not sure what happened with the tagging but I see that you merged your master branch with the development branch. That could be the issue.
To move your projects to another computer you can just copy the folders over. You will have to make sure that url line in the .git/config file has the same path.

url =

Or you can run git clone using a script. Put it in a for loop so it will be easier.

Hey @brandon_wallace,

That’s not an issue. I don’t do any coding (developing/fixing) in the master branch. I create a development branch, do my coding and when it’s working correctly I then merge it to the master branch. This way my master branch always has production ready code and development is done elsewhere.

After thinking about my question I believe what I wanted to do is not possible. A repo is what gets tagged, not individual pieces of the repo.