Question regarding the free 4 hours interactive course

So I’ve been leaning python for almost a year now, and thoughts it would be nice to refresh my knowledge a little.

The one thing I found odd so far was how the course mentions how you can’t put numbers inside a string.

It’s mentioned under 5. Datatypes & Typecasting.

I did just that.

print(“Can I write words and numbers?”)
print(“testing 123. Test 1 2 3”)


Can I write words and numbers?
testing 123. Test 1 2 3

Did that in Atom and in Python vai Powershell with no errors.

Can someone explain why the course says I can’t do something I did?
In case I’ve made a giant blunder I apologize, still learning.

It’s not a number as in something of the type of number, it’s just the character representing a number. "number 2" is just a string, same as "number two", you can’t do calculations with it. "1 + 2" is like "one + two", not like 1 + 2. I don’t know the course, but I assume that’s all it’s saying.

I’m aware that when you put a number between two " " the number is viewed as a string in python and is unusable for math operations.

Could be that my brain thinks more “creatively” during the late hours of the day, and I see things from a beginners perspective.

I’ll post a link of the curse below so you can see for yourself.

I’ve read the idiosyncrasies regarding typecasting and I understand them, it’s just that I wrote this post to get a 2nd opinion on the matter.

Thank you for your reply