Question Related to Survey Form

Please help me in step 13 of survey form I’m Stuck in this step.

what have you tried? what’s your code? can you give the link to your project?

<input id="comfortability"type=“radio” name=“likely” value=“comfortability”> Comfortability<

I use this code

can you give the link to your project? that is not enough to see what’s going on

Read the error message

It says what’s the issue, you are missing that, I think you can pass the test if you add the attribute to all radio buttons as required

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Now it’s showing another error.
what to do?

I suggest you use an html validator (like this one The W3C Markup Validation Service) and work in fixing the errors

Your CSS has also some errors, you can analyze your CSS using the CodePen tool Analyze CSS:

For the error from the tests, you will also have to review how to group together input elements

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