Question with jQuery method chaining .closest().toggleClass

I want to be able to only toggle a class for the closest span element. What is the correct syntax? I’m a bit fuzzy still on the use of this in event-listener functions.

First, you need to put some elements in your index.html file. You are referencing non-existent elements at this point. Explain what you think you are trying to do with the jQuery code you have written so far.

I was just using to show the snippet of JS.

This is the full project I’m working on:

Basically, I want to be able to only toggle a class on the parent span element of the ‘check’ button that is being toggled.

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Thanks for the help. It got me going in the right direction. The solution you gave was dashing-through both the list item title and the check button, but I found the solution to only check through the list item:

Yes, I noticed the dash after I posted it. Glad you figured it out.