Questioning what you should learn

Its just as the title says. When i’m learning something(a library, framework,language,etc)
i question myself (is it worth the effort?, is it gonna be useful?).
then i came across another library,framework whatever and i start learning that and
completely ignore what i was originaly trying to learn. I just constantly hop on and on
between stuff.

Very tempting, since there are so many tools out there and–judging by the job ads–you need to know like 456 of them to get an entry-level position. Personally, I am trying to curb that tendency. I spent about 6 months mostly on vanilla JS and am finally allowing myself to learn React. I chose React after seeing that 80% of all Web Dev listings around me required it.

Now I am going to stick with React until I have some clue how to use it, and have made a decent project with it. Hopefully I can avoid all the shiny stuff and keep to my path!

Hey Raader,

nice to meet you! :wave:

Yeah, that’s a problem, paradox of choice.
I think it makes sense to find the similarities between the things and learn these fundamentals.

E.g. in the current JS frontend eco system, the similarities for me are components and declarative programming.