Questions about jobs / Utility of css / html

Hello I’m 15 my name is William and I am very interested in machine learning / deep learning but also in the profession of software engineer. So I would like to start learning and I have made the basic HTML and basic CSS chapters available on the site. But I have several questions. Are these languages not only used for website creation? If yes, as this does not interest me for the moment (well I do not believe that we need it in the profession of software engineer or machine learning) which languages would advise you to learn in order to be able to more- late realize these trades. In fact, I do not know if it is really useful for me to carry out these chapters knowing that I would like later to be software engineer, would it not be more judicious to pass directly to a language like Python which concerns more my job. (i’m french so maybe i don’t have a very good english) Thanks you :slight_smile:

Hi William. If you want to do machine learning/AI, you will probably want a graduate degree in statistics, mathematics, or computer science. But the basics of programming are a great place to start. While you will eventually want to learn Python, C++, and CUDA, you can learn the basics in any language. Free Code Camp’s JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures course might be a good starting place for you.


Thank you for your quick response I think I will wait for other answers and why not do what you advised me to do. :slight_smile:

if you want to start with computer science, there is an online course from Harvard, called “CS50: Introduction to Computer science”
You can find it on edX. It is a good start, and you can also start to be exposed to the concepts. You can also browser these MOOC websites for computer science courses.

Still on the free side, the publishing house Springer has just made freely available in ebook format about 400 undergrad and graduate level books, of which there are a good few on Computer Science, if you want something advanced after the online course you could browse there.


Ok thank you for your answer :slight_smile: