Quick question regarding new lessons for css

Hey everyone. I have a quick question on css with new certificate added. I am being asked to change the class from one to a color of red. The class name is marker one. i also have form past lessons a marker only class also. im not understanding yet how a class can be marker one but then have a second classwith one that works with it correctly if the class isnt formated correctly together.

Could we have a visual example?

To add code for us to see, simply surround the code in backticks, like so:

backtick x3
backtick x3

The backtick is located between the esc and tab key on most keyboards.

<div class= "marker red"> then in css theres.markerthen there there is .red

Ok, with class there can be multiple elements with the same class. So if you were to style elements with the .marker class, you would style only those elements that included the .marker class. Same with the .red class. Does that answer your question?

Yes awesome that is what I figured out just now.

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