Quiz application built with React

I’ve been working on a quiz application lately and I wanted to share it with you. :slight_smile:
You can find it live on [heroku] (https://tranquil-beyond-43849.herokuapp.com).
Also you can find the github repo here.

This is the first app I built from scratch using React. Feel free to clone it and improve it.
Also any suggestions are welcomed.

I was thinking on using this at the end of each FCC section. This way the users can test their knowledge. For this I’ll need someone to help me by creating corresponding questions for each section. :smiley:

Keep on codding campers! :relaxed:


Hi, it looks really nice! The only thing I noticed, or rather I didn’t notice, is the transition to a new question. Everything stays the same, only the text changes, so maybe you can add some small animation here.

No experience with React so I can’t say anything about that. I do like the fact that you can easily “load in” other questions.

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Thank you! :slight_smile:
The next step will be to add some small animations.
I’m yet experimenting with it.

Looks awesome!! Two things I noticed: If you get a question wrong it doesn’t allow you to choose the right answer, and the second one is more preference-based, but it would be nice to automatically jump to the next question once you get it correct.

I wanted that functionality. You can only answer once. But that can change easily.
The 2nd one is again easy because I had a harder time to implement the button to jump to the next question. :slight_smile:

I apreciate you took the time to take a look.

Cool man, looks good.

Maybe a dumb question but … what is the server and Heroku doing exactly? Isn’t all the data sitting in the browser?

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@RadDog25 I am not the right person to answer this questions :smiley:
I learned it on the fly, by using it… All I know is that I can deploy sites with it :blush:
Find more on their website: https://www.heroku.com/

Hi. I am new to React. Just trying to learn. I saw your application. It works really well. Could you please tell me how to execute the code on my local system. I want to understand how React can be used with applications written in HTML and Javascript. Could you please guide me.

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I understood how to run and execute. Can you please tell me what the bundle.js file has been used for, and where are you calling your jsx components, since they have not been called in index.html

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Great you could run it @db1102 !
The bundle.js is the file which webpack creates and contains all the React components compiled by babel. I suggest you watch a little tutorial on Youtube about React + webpack. It will help you a lot. :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m new to FCC and I enjoyed your quiz. I got 8 out of 8 - so I must be learning something! Best wishes

Congratulations! I’m glad you liked the app :slight_smile:

This is great thanks for sharing. I remember seeing this back when you posted it. Now I’m workign on some of my own apps, not a quiz, but for medical scoring calculators. I think your base here will help me. Let me know if you’re at all intersted in brainstorming some of the challenges I have. I can send specifics if you are itnerested.