Quote generator - could use some help [Solved]


My tweet function truncates the tweet whenever it encounters a semicolon or a quotation mark (either single quote or double quote). Colons and periods have no effect. I use the ‘encodeURI’ function, but that doesn’t help. Can anyone point me to a helpful resource?

Also, I had to use a Chrome extension to enable cross-origin resource sharing for the quote API to work correctly. Is this normal?

You add unencoded quote marks to the href when building it. Might be worth looking into. Also, encodeURIComponent() might be better, because you are encoding an URI component :wink:

As for the cross-origin problems, it is a little strange. You are using jsonp to get data from the API, so that’s one thing that should sidestep the issue right here. And when I view your page, I see the quotes all right, and I don’t have any special extensions installed.

Just an idea here. Before you inject the quote into the html link, you could try to modify the quote content somehow and inject backslashes to escape the semicolon/quotation mark.

There are a number ways you could do this, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Slightly off topic, but I like your overall design.

The problem was that the quote API was generating ‘curly’ quotes which caused errors in the URL for the Twitter API. I couldn’t find anything to automagically convert them so I brute-force converted the curly quotes to straight quotes using some Regex.

I also added some animation to the quote button and copied in some Twitter-supplied JS code to implement the tweet in a pop-up window instead of a new tab.

Thanks for the suggestions. They were really helpful.


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I saw something with propetie cache: false provided in ajax perimeter object to polyfill cors…