Quote Generator Machine Webpage -- Request for Feedback/Review

I recently built out the Quote Generator Machine Webpage.

Please provide sincere and honest feedback I would greatly appreciate it for sure.

Take care and have an awesome holiday.

Very Respectfully,
Jim Abercromby II

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As a newby Camper and only just finishing this project myself: I like your version! Great idea to use the old hydro-electric power generator as background. Perhaps the button could be made more obvious?

Happy Christmas and New Year!

Good job! I suggest you a little improvement :slight_smile:

 <div class='row'>
      <div class='col-xs-10 col-xs-offset-1' id="here">
        <div class='quote-box'>
          <p class='saying'></p></br>
          <p class='author'></p>

This div where I add id="here" is moving to top-left corner when the size is small. So i add that id and this:

  margin: 0px auto;

This center your div everytimes.