Quote generator question

I’m really new to all this but I don’t understand how I put the “output” from the function in the html text.
Here’s a link to what I’ve done this far

You need to call a function (that you have yet to create) which will return a quote and assign to the innerHTML property of document.getElementByID('text'). Currently, you are assigning the string “myFunction” to it when the page loads.

Take all the code above that line and put it into a function and then call the function.

let arrayQuote

but you use

arrayQuotes[Math.floor(Math.random() * arrayQuotes.length)]



is wrong


is right.

i’m probably an idiot but i still cant figure it out, it feels like i’ve tried everything.

In the last step you have to call the function. Just like this:


i think i’ve done that? or do you mean in the html? i’m so confused lool

In JS. But have some other errors too. :frowning:


Do not use the # . Just simple


oh thank you but isn’t this right?
myFunction(newQuote) { document.getElementById('text').innerHTML = quote; }
or how do you mean with the function?

function myFunction(newQuote) { document.getElementById(‘text’).innerHTML = newQuote ;

The last line / var quote = … / is not necessary.

OMG ITS WORKING thank you sm i’ve been trying this the last two days omgg wow thank you

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:slight_smile: You’re welcome. Calm down and keep going, you are on good way.

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