quote = get_quote Tutorial Eror

Hi, i’m new to this world of code. While looking at one of the FreeCodeCamp tutorials I came across an error that prevents me from sending a random quote. I will be attaching some images of the “error”. The problem is that when sending the command to test the quotes, it only sends the message “quote” and not actually the random sentence. I think it’s an json error but maybe i’m just dumb. I remember you guys that i’m a 1st day boy so don’t be so harsh if i’m wrong.

Hi @Zack !

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In the future, it is always best to include your replit link if you are working on a project.

But it looks like that issue is on line 18 with that second @client.event.
Right now it looks like it is nested inside that async def on_ready():.

You need to fix that indentation issue.

If you need help, then refer back to the video so you can see what it should look like.

Hope that helps!

@Zack Welcome to the forum. I can see the indentation issue right away in the image you uploaded. The vertical line are there to make sure things are lined up properly. Indentation is very important in Python because the language does not use curly braces that are found in JavaScript to define code blocks.

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