Quote machine button broke, don't know why

I was changing the Ids on my random quote machine and for some reason the ‘Next quote’ button broke, and i can’t get it to work again.
The strange part is the twitter button was changed in the same way and it still works fine.
Please help, it’s the only thing that is keeping me from finishing the project.
<button type="button" class="btn btn-success" id='new-quote'>Next Quote</button>
$('#new-quote').on('click', getQuote);

Ok nvm the twitter button is broken too.

$('#tweet-quote').on('click', function(){

I guess I don’t understand Jquery and buttons.

When you post that something is “broke” or not working, it really helps others to post any errors you see in the browser console and a link to the full project code. Also, it helps to give details about exactly was is broke or not working. Without this information, we have no idea what you are expecting the code to do that it is not doing.

My apologies, still learning here.
Full project:
What I mean by “broke” is the button used to be cycling through new quotes, but since changing the ID it no longer does that.


Explain what you think the above two jQuery selectors are targeting.

I see it. Should have used a # not a .
Thank you for all your help. I feel guilty that 99% of the time it’s you who is answering my questions. If you’re ever in Washington I will buy you a beer.