Quote machine finished!

Alright! Fell off the wagon for a bit there but I finally finished my quote machine page, with no small amount of difficulty. I know React is definitely overkill for this kind of project and I didn’t utilize a lot of the features but I wanted to get some practical experience with it. I also moved from using Codepen to using GitHub pages which was a bit of a challenge, but I managed to pull it off. Super glad to finally be moving on to the next project, the learning curve between making an HTML/CSS project and publishing my own page on GitHub with React was monstrous, but now I feel confident that I’ll be able to move on to the next few projects much more easily.

My page for your reviewing pleasure is located at https://jeengland.github.io/quote-machine/

The one question I do have is this: what is the best solution for being able to preview my page for mobile responsiveness while coding on my desktop? I’m using Parcel to preview it in Chrome right now which is great, but it seems like in order to preview it on my phone I have to commit the whole project to GitHub which isn’t great for tinkering. Obviously the current website isn’t super great for mobile but I need to take a break from working on this page for a while. Just wondering for future projects.

Thanks in advance for any feedback and help!

Well done, looks great! I’ve done zero react yet, looking forward to it though.

One thing I would suggest… make the outer box a fixed height that’s as tall as the height of the largest quote i.e. the box doesn’t get bigger/smaller when you cycle quotes.

I just stuck the mouse over the refresh button and happily clicked away, until it moved, and I had to reposition the mouse. Good job though :smile:

For mobile view, I’ve been making websites for years and just use the dev tools. Has been reliable for me when compared to how a site looks on iPhone, android, iPad etc…

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Oh very neat! I knew there had to be something as easy as that. I knew there was something missing re: the fixed height but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. When I come back around I’ll definitely implement that change!

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