Quote Machine problems with alignment

I’ve just about completed the html for the quote machine but I’m getting several additional lines in the output
Also, my buttons are not showing up
I’d appreciate the feedback and any constructive criticism

Look carefully at the following two lines of code. You are missing a closing > on both of your i elements. Also, you are missing </li> tags on both of the list items.

<li><a href= '#' class = 'btn btn-default btn-lg get-quote'><i class = 'fa fa-quote-left fa-fw'</i>Get Quote</href></a>
<li><a href= '#' class = 'btn btn-default btn-lg share-quote'><i class = 'fa fa-twitter fa-fw'</i>Share Quote</href></a>

Thank you that definitely was a problem.

Further to the above issue I also cannot display my quote-box? (fixed)
I’ve added css to define a box but there is still no container for my quotes? (fixed)
Also,I’ve tried modifying my hr line but I cannot adjust the way it displays (fixed)