Quote Machine questions

Hello, I’d like to see what do you think about my code, and ask You:

  1. How can i make those 2 buttons responsive (their width is not equal while loading this project at mobile phone).
  2. Why it doesn’t work after exporting it to zip file, and opening it locally?
    Thank you for advices.

Your buttons seem to be misbehaving. The tweet one didn’t work at all. When I clicked the get new quote one it seems to have caused an infinite loop and it’s spitting out new quotes every second.

You need to set up a local server to run your code locally. There are a few ways to do that. You can try WAMP Server. It’s relatively easy to setup and use, but it uses apache, php and mysql, so it might not be the best option for FCC, since FCC is more geared toward MEAN stack. I don’t think there’s an easy setup solution for MEAN stack, unfortunately. Until you get to the backend stuff, the WAMP server should work fine for you.

Buttons are working fine in CodePen site project. They do not after exporting it to ZIP.
Ok, so AJAX requests doesn’t work locally, just like other parts of the code in “.js” files?
Still curious how to make these buttons responsive:)