Quote machine - some problems [Solved]

Hi everyone!

i’ve just finished my quote machine.
As you can see, i can’t do properly sharing icons’ color.
i use different ways in javascript.

criticise and suggestions are wellcome.
thank you.


I would like to give you some suggestions. Could you please give the link to your app ?

Thanks in advance.

sorry :slight_smile: and thank you


Thank you.

If do understand what you are trying to do, it is to color the twitter logo as well.

To do that, you have to change the default bootstrap style applied to the a elements. You can do this for example :

<a id="social" target="_blank""><i class="fa fa-twitter-square"></i></a>

#social { color: inherit; }

You Random quote machine looks good to me. Nicely done.

thank you friend.