Quote Machine (with added bonus of dynamic font sizing!)


Really useful for as many people to have a quick gander at this as possible (but maybe easy on making dozens of quotes each - think of the poor free API! :stuck_out_tongue: )

I have borrowed and adapted this intriguing technique: http://codepen.io/CrocoDillon/pen/jgmwt
using javascript, the quotes are nicely sized based on their length for a no-holds-barred fullscreen quoting experience on ALL* screen sizes

*if your screen is incredibly wide and short, it will not be nicely sized! So make sure you test with your phones sideways too :slight_smile:

Thumbs ups, smileys if it works and you like it or harsh criticism if it doesn’t all welcomed eagerly.
Thank you FreeCodeCamp, still having a blast! :smiley:

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The whole page looks nice. But the adapting font size is just brilliant, never seen it before!

Thanks for the praise! You might want to check out http://fittextjs.com/ for a “proper” way of doing this. It isn’t intended for paragraphs, but could be worth looking at :slight_smile:

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