Quote Machine without jQuery

Hi folks, I wanted to try this project without jQuery to get a better understanding of the Javascript involved for API calls and also because I couldn’t find as many examples of API code free of jQuery, so I thought another example might be helpful. Everything should be functional, if not very pretty.

The random color generator setup I have will sometimes pull darker colors, which makes the quote hard to read but I haven’t found a way around that without using limited arrays or switch statements.

Any feedback is appreciated!

@jk0609 Hi, it looks like your container is too narrow when I checked on my phone and tablet. The buttons are covering parts of longer quotes. I think you may need to limit your container’s width (min-width) and have the buttons below the quote. For the text, you can use shadows/outlines so that it is visible when you have dark backgrounds or something like that. :smiley:

You’re right and I really appreciate the feedback. I’ve implemented some changes and it’s looking much better on mobile. The shadows on the text don’t look perfect but it’s much more readable now, so thanks!