Quote Machine - Would love peoples feedback!

Hi guys. Would love to get some feedback on my project both code and general design. Not sure if it looks stupid or alright :slight_smile: Thanks!

Project Link - http://codepen.io/Will5592/full/Ppvdgb/

Looks cool. In my opinion the design is a little large when you first load the page you cant see the buttons for the quote or tweet. Also at least for me, the Author was overlapping with part of the word bubble, so I would look at that.

Otherwise, its a cool different design.

  • Nao

The general design is great and shows a bit of creativity.

You’ll want to familiarize yourself with other units besides px, or familiarize yourself with @media rules if you want to create a responsive design.

The thing to watch out for when getting quotes from APIs is that you don’t really know what’ll show up. Sometimes a quote will be super long and won’t fit in the container, or it says something lewd, or it exceeds the Twitter’s character limit. You might want to create a function that takes that into consideration… Maybe check to make sure that a quote is short enough before putting it into HTML, or add a function that truncates the quote.

Thanks both for your replies, nice to hear the idea was quite good.

As for the the things to improve, I agree, I think the reason for it being large and not fittings is because I built it on a 25" screen and made it fit fullscreen for that. Obviously when looking on smaller screens it screws it up a bit. You might as not bother if you load it on mobile lol.

As for the point about APIs, I didn’t consider that so thanks. I did try to make the class of the h1 big enough that largest quote didn’t overspill, but maybe I didn’t find the biggest one. Anyway, clearly that didn’t work too well.

Some more work is required perhaps.