Quote Project Finished

Here is a link to my quote machine project, took me about a workday’s worth of time to complete.

First time working with any sort of API and theming. Wanted to restrict myself to HTML/CSS and Vanilla JS.

Let me know what you think.


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Its very nice, i wish the buttons were bigger and styled better. I like the simplistic modern design though. I wish everything was brought down more to the center of the page.

I like the typing affect, but its too slow.

I like the day and night time switch :smiley:

I actually got the same speed feedback from my brother, but some people thought it was ok or too fast. So I decided to just add a slider so the user can set whatever speed they want. Check it out now.

Add the slider on the main page above three buttons (centered on the page).

It is very nice though. How long have you been programming?