QuoteMachine issue + feedback

I fixed the issue with the js.file on my own.
But feel free to give me feedback, anyway, please.

Maybe I could write the code more economically?
Or fix the code to load the page faster?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The style, I am not a big fan of cursive text but that is me. Some fonts are more readable that others, but nice idea to change the fonts. :+1:

I clicked the read more but sometimes the background colour does not look good with the white text.
Same colour background for this section would be better.

The code you have mixed vanilla Js with jQuery. :confused:
Also it is not using the codepen settings. Every library reference is dumped in the HTML.

PS. No need to add html, body tags in codepen.

thanks for the feedback.
I will fix the background color for “Read more” section.

Is it bad to mix vanilla JS and jQuery?

No, but you asked for comments on the code.
If you have no jQuery then you don’t need to add in the library.
If you use jQuery then you can refactor your code to make it shorter and easier to read.

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