Quoting Strings with Single Quotes 2018

I don’t what with the backslashes

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var myStr = 'a> href="http:www.example.com" target="_blank">Link</a';

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were you asking “I don’t know what is backslashes”?
this is a backslash \

Or were you saying, you don’t know where to put the backslash?

I don’t where to put the backslashes

the original string you are given is:

var myStr = "<a href=\"http://www.example.com\" target=\"_blank\">Link</a>";

and you are asked to change the double quotes (") to single quotes (’)
and then to remove the escaped double quotes (which means remove the backslashes that come immediately before a double quote in the string).

In your code you somehow removed the first and last angled bracket, so that is the problem i see.

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