Ract issue root tag still empty

I have finished react ,redux and react redux, and I want to brush up my skills before passing to
Front End Libraries Projects

, I found a video , and I followed every thing the guy did to get react in my computer ,
I opend my command line windows powerShell and I install npm install create-react-app -g
and also I create react-app and I gave it a name react-portfolio,
I get React package but ,when I work on it and open my index wich exist in public folder ,nothing appears ,the root div tag still empty , I can figure out the problem because I checked everthing out more than 10 times ,
the only change I found is serviceWorker in the index document, I have like this
serviceWorker.register(); and the guy who made the video has regsiterServiceWorker();
please help me I am really stuck and a lot of thing makes me confuse in this phase of learning code .

Don’t go by some random guy, go by the React docs on how to use create-react-app

You may need to actually start the development server, which live-updates when you save changes to the files in your project, probably like this:
npm start, run inside the working directory for your project.

Hello @mustaphason!

So, you shouldn’t need to touch anything in your /public directory. Instead, go to /src/App.js and edit that component.

I explain this in my environment setup video. I hope this helps!

it still not working ,even the app document is not appeard

thanks man the solution is like you said I should not touch any thing in the directory public ,instead I should use npm to start my app in the command line , but what makes it not clear to me is ,I don’t know any thing about npm , but now it is ok as long as I am practising React on the local post 3000.

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I apperciate your help and thank you all