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Hi all,
So I am working on my survey form, it’s not done yet. And it’s currently passing 9/17.
If you go through the code, only one radio button is getting selected at a time. If you’ll see it you’ll understand what I am talking about.

Can someone indicate where I am going wrong? thanks in advance.

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Challenge: Build a Survey Form

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Hello Mercebee,

You should take a look at the parameters of your inputs. I can see that you tried to differentiate the answers (Yes, Yes1) but is it really the answers that you want to differentiate? With what you’ve done, you have one input with 4 different answers (and so 4 different answer ids), while you want to have two inputs (with different names) with two possible answers (Yes and No).

Let me know if that worked out well for you !

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Hey Jules…Thanks a lot! that makes so much sense now…I’m working on it!
Hopefully, I am able to implement your solution. Thanks again!

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