Rails Girls Summer of Code - paid internship for women and non-binary coders

Hi there :wave:,

I just wanted to let you know that the Rails Girls Summer of Code (RGSoC) internship round is now open (until March 30). It’s a scholarship program for women and non-binary coders and intended for you to get real-life programming experience.

To participate, you’ll need to find a coding buddy, a place to meet regularly and a support group of coaches. Then you select a project to work on during the summer and apply. :muscle:

I think not a lot of people have heard of RGSoC - I only heard it in passing at one of the meetups.

I did the RGSoC internship 2 years ago (after completing the web design and JavaScript modules at FFC and self-studying for a year or so) and found it very useful!

I’m not allowed to post links yet, since this is my first post here (but it’s very easy to google)

This is not intended as a promo or anything, I’m not affiliated with RGSoC in any way either - I just hope some people will find it helpful! :+1: