Ran Out of Options

Hello everyone. I was learning how to code using the youtube channel, Online Tutorials (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbwXnUipZsLfUckBPsC7Jog), and others. I used this because it was fun and simple without any yapping or constant mistakes that confuse me. Are there any more channels like this, for I seem to have used up everything there.

Hi @codeofdreams!

Maybe you could build a site or app away from a tutorial.

What are you interested in building?


I enjoy building useless animated things and such. Here is my codepen to show you what I mean.


It helps me to learn as it isn’t important and doesn’t put any pressure on me.

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Very cool.

Well maybe you could a build a multi page website and incorporate some of your animations in there.

You could also start learning react or other frameworks and build a small app.

Did you complete the front-end section yet?


Yes. I have completed the front end course.

Ok cool!

Well I would maybe build something with react. Like a small app or something that interests you. You could also keep going with FCC and learn about API’s if you were interested too.

I am building a project using the spotify API.

It is my first time working with an API but it is fun learning.


Are you interested in learning how to make original code? Tutorials are great, but they won’t teach you how to make original work.

With as many tutorials as you’ve done, I’d try to make something that synthesizes pieces of multiple tutorials you’ve done in a new way.

What’s your long term goal? I’d pick a project that works towards that goal, integrating JavaScript and CSS and HTML from the tutorials you’ve tried.

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Currently I have no goal but learning over a long period of time the parts of coding that I love most. I love the design side of code. I adore making useless things with html and css.

UX design is important, but it’s hard to get a job with just CSS and HTML. There is a lot of careful, thoughtful design when using something like React to design a user interface. Lots of cool books on that sort of thing.