Random 404 Error Pages on websites and webpages that normally load

Hi All,

I just wanted to inquire about an issue that may or may not be a serious problem.

A website that I work with has been showing an uptick in 404 messages.

The error page looks like this:


This happens with URLs that are correct and otherwise load upon refresh.

Otherwise, our 404 error pages look like this for URLs that are incorrectly typed out:


The 404 error page that shows up for URLs that are incorrectly typed out, is of course, not an issue.

What I’m curious about is why the 404 error page loads in the first case, when a URL is properly written, and the 404 error report that loads isn’t the same as the error report that loads when URL is improperly typed.

I get the 404 message for properly written URLs about 1 in every 20 times and this is more frequent than it was before. My coworkers have also been reporting an uptick in these 404 messages.

Is this a problem with our serves?

Should I overlook this?

Reducing the frequency of this kind of thing might help our website performance and conversion rates.

I’ve found some articles on tracking this kind of issue but they don’t seem to actually touch-upon the specific issue that I have.

Would anybody be able to offer any insight on this?

How is it possible for our server to not retrieve a home page that loads thousands of times a day in other cases?