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Don’t rely on your browser’s bookmark feature. What if you need to use another computer sometime, or get a virus and have to erase your browser and start over?

Rather, go to Google Drive, create a new Google document, and store your links there. Just type a short descriptor, highlight it, hit control-K, and type (or better yet, paste) the link’s URL into the field that pops up. Now you’ve got your link saved in a way that’s independent of the particular device you’re working on right now. Keep adding to your list over time, making sure to keep like links together, and you’ll have your very own platform-independent list of bookmarks.

You’re welcome.

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Pocket is also a good choice for this and has a browser plugin so you can click the icon and page is saved on a nice masonry style gallery. You can add tags and things to categorise if you can be bothered :slight_smile:


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Cool. I wasn’t aware of that one. Thanks. :smiley:

Github would be better, but a bit more technically advanced.

Chrome is great if it works for you–but I haven’t been able to get that functionality to work! (Advice, perhaps?) Besides, what if someone likes Firefox or some other browser?

you just sign into chrome in the settings menu on each device you use chrome on… bookmarks synced :smiley:

Yeah, tried that. Tried it again just now. Didn’t work. :confused:

Oh thats odd, works well for me.

Did you sign into chrome rather than google home page - and have you done that across all your devices? (don’t mean to teach you to suck eggs… just checking :slight_smile: )

I don’t use Firefox myself, but I have seen it has a sync service too which I assume does your bookmarks

Chrome Settings > Sign in > Advanced Sync Settings and check off what you want to sync.

I’ve been using it for over a year to sync work and home bookmarks - its works 100%…

@rickstewart, that did it! I hadn’t noticed that I needed to click a “sync” button. Cool, thanks.

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