Random Good Password

guys i 'm tryng to perform to do exerc. 103 of python workbook by Stephenson ; the exerc asks :Using your solution to Exercise 100 and 102 , write a program that generates a random good password and displys it .Count and display the number of attempts that were needed before a good password was generated.Structure your solution so that it imports the functions youo Wrote previously and then calls them from a function named main in the file that you create for this exercise. Here is the code of the solutions(ex 100 and ex 103 to import) random.py - Pastebin.com.
I got a lot of confusion for this exercise someone could help me with a logocal and concise algorithm.

What exactly is the confusion?
Get a loop that calls 100 and tests the result with 102 until it returns “True”.
Count the loops and display whatever it returned.

Also if __name__=="main" should NOT have an else-branch. Especially not one with the exact same code.

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thank you so much for your help I am a beginner as you can see

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