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is it cheating to use the vids from:

i haven’t seen the videos but I would say if it helps you to understand how to code and you can see yourself improving (for eg. as you progress are you needing the videos less?), then why not…
Eventually you will have to solve a problem that hasn’t been solved before, but usually that happens after you’ve gained some mastery with the subjects you are studying and are solving real world problems.

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“Am I cheating” is a good question, and it’s one that many campers have already asked on the forums. Please see this topic for an in-depth discussion, and a quick search will bring up a wealth of other topics from your peers. Please feel free to contribute to any of those.

I would only watch these types of videos once you have first made a genuine effort on your own attempt to write a solution yourself. If you get stuck writing a solution, I would also attempt to ask a question on the forum here before watching these types of videos. Why? Because the videos are going to show you ONE way of solving the problem. If you have already started trying to solve a problem in your own way, the forum members can help guide you to a solution which more closely resembles what you may have been trying to accomplish yourself. You will feel much more confident in solving it your way with a few hints and suggestions from us instead of just copying/pasting along with a video.