Random quote challenge

Random quote challenge
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Hi! Just finished Random Quote challenge :wink: any feedback appreciated!


Bravo, sta da ti kazem drugo :slight_smile:


Great work I really like it.


Thank you very much!


Don’t understand you, but THANKS! :wink:


I’m sorry I presumed based on your name that you are from some of the ex-Yugoslavian countries, so my comment was “Good job, what else to say” only in serbian language.


Thanks! I’m russian ))) I think we have a lot of similar names and words


Yes indeed we have. You have an designer skills have you studied some kind of web design or programming ?
Code is not beginner like :wink:


I studied a lot of years ago, and work in web development now. I’ve started FCC to strengthen my knowledge and learn Javascript, React and etc
I definitely don’t have designer skills - I just try to find inspiration searching the web.