Random quote generator, feedback appreciated

It’s basically finished, just need to add more quotes. Feel free to comment and add suggestions.

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good job! @ozmos
hey quote generator is looking good
but i gave you some advice:
add this code in your quote generator

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">`

add another class in your wisdom class div and add css:

.class {
  max-width: 600px;
  background: #FFEBDC;
  height: 100%;
  text-align: center;
  padding: 20px 50px;
  margin-bottom: 1em;
  border: 2px #cde solid;
  border-radius: 12px;

and take a look at your qoute machine
@ozmos your quote machine is good but remember to add these code in your code to make it much better
good work.

" Keep your dreams alive. To gain something, you need belief, hard work, and dedication. Remember that all the things that are believed can be possible."

add API for random quotes
if you don’t understand API’s from FCC learn this MDN article:

i think its Useful.
Keep it Up!:+1:

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I Like your random quote machine
good job @ozmos

Thanks for the suggestions. I forgot all about specifying the viewport information in the head section. Haven’t done any html for a while. The max-width: 600px was a big improvement. Thanks. I will look at using APIs and ajax for the random quotes. Seems like that what fcc are after. Using an array with math.random was too simple and easy, although I like the fact that I can use this app to collect quotes I like and make it more personal.

You don’t have to use an API, I didn’t! However to make it slightly better functionally I ensured that the same quote could not be generated twice in a row. See if you can do the same.
Also maybe add some animation such as text fade when transitioning quotes?
But good work it is functionally great!

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Thanks, good to know. Yes I was thinking of both of your suggestions. I will try to implement them.

eliminating the repetition was easy enough. Now to try to animate the text.

you use API to make your code shorter and without API your code is to longer and the same quotes are show too many times. i think that API is a better solution from write your quotes.
otherwise do which you want!

I will learn how to use the API method as I need to learn it anyway. However do I like being able to personally select the quotes I like, which I don’t know is possible using API.

Hi, @ozmos!
you can use which ever your favorite quotes site

for example: “brainy quotes” , “quote design” or etc.

Thanks, good to know.

check my portfolio i will complete soon
here: https://codepen.io/Hooriahic/full/pVaJeW/

Looks good. I like the blue background shapes and layout.

Just a few remarks:

Not sure about the light color of the header section.
font-family in navbar needs to match the rest of the content.
Remove full-stop (period) before and in about section.
In same section ‘A’ should be ‘a’
In same section your name should have uppercase H
In same section freelance should have uppercase F and maybe hyphen between freelance-developer
(try pasting all your text into microsoft word or google docs and run spelling and grammar check)
‘Here is my some project’ should read “Here are some of my projects”
Make sure the first letter in every sentence is uppercase: ‘this is my personal portfolio’ - ‘This …’

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thanks for advice
i need to improve that things!

About the quote generator :

You can remove the blue outline that appears after clicking “Wisdom Generator” by adding :
outline:none , to #generator in your css.

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Hello Ozmos!
i just finished my random joke machine
check out
Random Joke Machine
any feedback or Advice needed!
Thanks A lot

Looks good, visually appealing and functions well. Javascript looks very clean. Only problem is they’re all Chuck Norris jokes!!!

Hi @ozmos!
could you Know any other jokes API
so please give me

i haven’t any other web API

Sorry can’t help you there. I’ve only been using APIs for 2 weeks so know less than you about them.