Random quote generator (Feedback needed)


I just completed the first front-end libraries project. I’ll appreciate it if you give me feedback. Here is the link.

Thanks in advance :heart:


After a quick browse, it looks good for what it is.

Even though it’s tempting to use frameworks to get projects up and running quickly, this is a project that could have been done with only standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If your goal is to get a job eventually, you might want to take the time to do these projects without frameworks and libraries, IMO.

Hello @willjw3,

Thanks for your feedback. The front-end libraries certification projects require you to use react. I however used Material UI not Bootstrap for my Components.

Also, using react or a framework for a project like this doesn’t get you up and running fast. It just makes your code more organized. It is also necessary for a web developer to choose at least one UI framework. Modern web applications are hardly written in plain HTML.

Let me apologize for not keeping up with the requirements of the Front-End Libraries projects. Indeed, you are correct in that you are encouraged to use a front-end framework. This is different from when I completed the projects where the instructions said something to the effect of “use whichever libraries/frameworks you feel are necessary to complete the project you’re working on.” Of course, I’m paraphrasing. The projects are called the “Front-End Libraries” projects, though, so silly me for not considering that.

I still do stand by the advice that one should be able to complete a project like this comfortably with standard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
However, since I’m now aware that you were encouraged to use a framework, I now have to assume you could do it comfortably without a framework, so my bad.

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Looks good to me - I quite like the look of it. Maybe clean up the project folder a little bit (don’t need the service worker or the unused test setup).

I got a good laugh out of you using the type.fit api and faking a loading time between quotes :smiley:

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Thanks for your feedback @faktotum85.

I’m glad you liked it and I’ll clean the project folder as you mentioned. I faked a loading time between the quotes so I could do a transition.

I tried using React Transition Group but it required too many lines of code to animate on state change. I gave up and rather used temporal classes ( the class is added at the start of the fake load time and removed 0.5s later ) on the components I wanted to animate.

However, I hope this is not a bad practice as I try to keep my code clean.