Random Quote Generator feedback PLEASE. THANK YOU!

I just finished my random quote generator. And Was looking for some feedback. It’s in the rough stage of not being touched up, but I have like two weeks off in August, and I was thinking of going back through all my projects for their looks.

The code I wrote… I don’t know how it came out. I wanted to see your opinions. THANK YOU all.

I took a look at your quote generator and see some issues with your code! It wasnt coming up at first… Line 28 hasa few extra parenthesis and theres a decimal after the html, once I removed those things your page came up.

After that, Im sorry I dont know more to be able to tell you more, but it looks like there are four categories of quotes and you’re to click on a button to see a quote? But none of the buttons do anything… No worries, I have been all done only to realize nothing is working like its supposed to! But you’ll be able to work it out, for sure :slight_smile:

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