Random Quote Generator - Feedback please!

Hello freeCodeCampers,

Here’s my quote generator project. It uses the API of http://forismatic.com/en/.

Since some quotes exceed the twitter limit of 140 characters, my page displays an error message and gives the user the option to tweet it anyway (they can edit it, truncate it any way they want) or get a new quote. I want to give the user this option, because the first part of a quote isn’t always the most meaningful.

Feedback appreciated! Thank you!

Juan Pablo
Seattle, WA
:evergreen_tree: :mount_fuji: :umbrella:

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Good job! Like the simple style and the error message.

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Hi mate … Nice animation :slight_smile: you could use the truncate() as it was in the argorithm in one of the lessons. This way you obey the Twitter policy and could provide a link to the actual quote.

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