Random Quote Generator-Feedback required

I created it few days ago, but didn’t get much of a feedback then, i think i can improve on this for sure. Looking for the valuable input of you guys
Check it out. Link given below.

Neat effect with having it “open” to the quote. I’m a fan of the colors too. :slight_smile:

Two small things.

  1. The x/+ on your button to close/open the quote machine appears to be not quite centered in the circle. Small thing. (And in all honesty I probably wouldn’t get mine to look nearly as nice if I had tried).
  2. Check your cite coding? Sherlock Holmes came up as Sherlock Hol. I didn’t check your code because I am currently working on my random quote generator.

Otherwise your app is very straightforward and is keeps the focus on the quote.

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Yeah the positioning of the +/x was a tedious task because of the border radius thing it was quite difficult to adjust it in the center, i could do it but then i have to do some calculations and accordingly adjust it exactly in the center of the circle but was too tired to do so, also when i scale down too much the position gets altered again, and again i would have to arrange it with media queries or what not, so i left i as it is as long as it is not as much noticeable:D (Apparently i was wrong). And about that Sherlock holmes thing for some reason i am getting that directly from the API, i can’t do much about it as the coming data from the API is just like that, its only happening with this particular quote, rest all works pretty well i suppose.

Thanks for your feedback.

Well kudos for using an API! I just hard-coded my quotes. This time at least.

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