Random Quote generator finished!

It took me a while, but I finally have the quote generator finished… I’m looking for some feedback on it if anyone wants to check it out here: https://codepen.io/vishwiz/pen/rdNZav

Let me know what could be done better.


I like to use the HTML Validator on all my pages. Here are the results for your page:


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Aren’t all of these pointing to errors thrown by codepen.io’s iframe and not by his pen itself?

Also, the Lobster font isn’t working for me. The fallback is comic sans ms :joy:
Try importing it in your CSS or reference it in your HTML

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Thanks! for checking my code.
but i think these error are thrown by codepen iframes.

Certainly possible. My main point was to introduce you to a new tool if you’d never heard of it. :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I thought you were pointing out the errors specifically in this case. My bad.
It does look like a very useful tool. Just googling some of the errors to see if I should work on them or not is teaching me a lot of new stuff.