Random Quote Generator - First Interview Tomorrow!

Hello all,

I have been working really hard the last few weeks making sure my website and resume are exactly like I want them. I just now got around to start working on the free code camp projects, so here is my first intermediate project, Random Quote Generator. Check it out here

Link to website: danieljbailey.com

After applying to multiple places and receiving rejections, I finally have an interview tomorrow for a front end position, looking forward to the experience and ready to change careers.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.


Hey Daniel!

I am new myself but wanted to wish you good luck. I checked out your website and even showed it to my husband. It is clean, crisp, easy to navigate and I basically really liked it.

Did you ever make it to an in-person interview or have you just been emailing your website/resume? Maybe I can give some pointers. I am new to coding but skillful at interviews.


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Thanks for the feedback for the website I really appreciate it! That’s always good to hear when someone gets excited about something you make :).

I just started applying for jobs the past two weeks emailing my resume and website out. So this is my first development interview. I’m comjng from a professional finance career so I’ve had alot of experience with those types of interviews but being tech, this will be my first. So any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks again.

Nice website, didn’t looked over the code yet but you should think in having a favicon.ico. One little thing that a lot of people do not pay attention to. Also reread this sentence: When I'm not in front of the computer you can usually find me playing a game with friends online and for sure you will want to change it some way :slight_smile:


Hey @DanielJBailey, I do not know how your personality is but you definitely want to show excitement and passion. I got hired at the age of 21 as the Area Manager for NYC and NJ and was the youngest person in the company because I showed passion. Show passion, show emotion. SO many people in this field only worry about code and at the end of the day, humans hire humans they like.

Hope that helps you somehow.

Let me know how it goes please.

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YES lol. Good catch.

How about, When I am not in front of the computer, you can find me __________ (aside from it being something online).

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Good luck! Keep in mind the advice from those who have succeeded. Your work on github shows lots of green, which is good. Just a subtle thing. I was viewing your website from a hiring perspective. It looked slick, but in “hallway testing” mindset, under “Tools”, the first thing you have listed is Github+Git, and I reeeeaaally wanted to click on it there, but it wasn’t clickable. I also noticed heroku listed, but it’s not on the list on the bottom left:

I would add a link to that github+git thing which really looks like a button (maybe hover color it to separate it from the others?), because I hear github is hiring gold. Maybe the heroku as well, even though there isn’t a font-awesome icon yet.

Definitely second the favicon. I’ve seen Linus of Techtips fame lose his shit when their new project Floatplane didn’t have one.


Thanks for the feedback and I will look into that. All makes sense. Thanks again!

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Haha yeah I don’t know how I haven’t caught that until now

Haha that’s funny. I don’t know how someone hasn’t mentioned that until now. That’s going to be the first thing I fix this afternoon when I get home. Thanks for the catch

One more thing. I wouldn’t do this in js:


Make it using hover in css and do not apply it to the entire ul.social-menu because when you enter the ul that is width 100% you are triggering the “hover” effect even if you are not on a specific svg icon

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I really love it. However, If I was you, I would change the part “My life in tiny squares.” When you click the photo is a bit uncomfortable or dissatisfied. The rest is perfect for me.

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True. Will look into it

Can you explain what you mean a little more? When you click the photo it just takes you to my instagram account.

Yeah, sorry for that. I mean that if you can put some effect on it.
Ex: On the left side of the website. you have some icons which become dark.

It is just my opinion. I love the design anyway.

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Thanks I appreciate that

Daniel, you have done the great site. How long are you coding?!

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Thanks man! I have been building websites for awhile now for fun, I just started learning full stack development lately.

Your page design is amazing!

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Mind-blowing! It’s good to see this. I’d feature more full stack projects though.


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