Random quote generator for lol champions

hello everybody , here’s the link for the project :

i’m open for all the feedback .
i’m a beginner … pls guide me to greatness .

thanks in advance :smiley:

the github repo :

@soufyakoub I am so amazed because you say you are a beginner… this looks great! I gave you some feed back :wink:


so much appreciated . :smiley:

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Visually, the machine looks super impressive. Love the animations and transitions between each quote when you choose a new one. One suggestion I’d make is making the container with the quote and buttons a little bit bigger on mobile view, when I switch to mobile view in Chrome it shrinks down quite a lot.

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i agree with you sir, i was planning on recoding the whole app to be responsive, but i’m in an exam periode so i need some time before doing that :smiley:
thanks for the great feedback though.

hello there,
i tried making the app responsive as i promised , it would be great if you checked it out and told me your opinion on it .
thanks in advance .