Random Quote Generator with SASS , Bootstrap and jQuery

Hello Everyone,

I have completed Random Quote Generator using Bootstrap, SASS and jQuery.
Link to my code is :

I would love to hear feedback and opinions of everyone to improve my project .

Thank you.

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Hey there,

great work so far!

My ideas:

  • I think some space around the quote would increase the readability
  • when I decrease my window, the buttons get stacked
  • I think the size of the buttons distract me from the quote

Keep us posted!


Hello @miku86

Thank you for providing insightful feedback in improving my project.

Yes I should definitely add more space around quotes by padding. I might have added little bit too much margin which might stack them up at different widths, I will reduce it for sure. Yes the buttons are too big I will reduce font size and padding in buttons to make them smaller.

Thanks again for attention to detail feedback :smiley_cat:

Good job. Try to fetch quotes from API - this is a good challenge for practicing it!

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Nice work! with some smart techniques and sophisticated use of color you’re delivering so much to the user. I love that you’ve been aware of using a color palette for each quote. Like the simplicity and realness of your page as well.

As for the next step I also suggest using an API to get the quotes which could be a nice practice. You could also add some padding or space to align the new Quote under the author. Or even make it much more to the right.

Good luck :call_me_hand:

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Hey, I like the page,

I’ll point out just something a bit off topic.

  1. You’re putting effort in prefixing, which is probably fine but most of the times you work with an autoprefixer. In codepen, thereis an autoprefixer ‘switch’ in the css tab.

  2. At the same time, border does not need a prefix, as you can check in caniuse. I’ve found a site with a list of properties needing prefix, which I’ve never checked before. Not sure how accurate that is.

Anyways, this is just to save you a little time, and introduce you to caniuse, in case you didn’t. The page looks perfect to me.

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