Random quote generator!

This is the random quote generator that I did using javascript!
Please help me grow by being a critic !

Wow, honestly not much to critique here. It looks fantastic, I love the aesthetic.

Maybe you could try and get the white inner div to stay a consistent size?

Also, the rocket icon doesn’t make for the most obvious refresh button. I’m pretty sure FA has one for refresh.

Finally, it might be worth doing it in vanilla JavaScript as opposed to jQuery. The projects later on require you to be pretty comfortable doing things in pure JavaScript.

Otherwise, this is the neatest quote generator that I’ve seen yet. :upside_down_face:

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Thank you ! I did think of making the div consistent in size.But sometimes the css doesnt do what I expect it to do! for example even in my code , you could have easily spotted some unnecessary incline css styles. I really wanted to avoid them , making the code neater , but as I get deeper I tend to forget the importance of neat codes.I declare variables here and there , making it messy ! So I think that is a problem which I am facing! I would love to listen to any kind of advice that might help me !!

I will try it in vanilla javaScript !!

I totally get what you mean.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, Codepen has tidyHTML, tidyCSS and tidyJavaScript. You’ll find them in the top right corner of each of the text editors.

I find tidying helps me spot mistakes. There are also code analyzers to help you with debugging :slight_smile:

Nice job! I like the colors you chose and how they change with every refresh. The white box resizing didn’t bother me much, but I didn’t know what the two buttons on each end were for.

@binq2 Thanks for the tip about Codepens tidy feature!

No worries Laura :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback !! I have changed the first button and added a label to the second one !!

I tried fixing the div again but failed … However I changed the buttons! Thank you for your feedback again!

No problem gow, it’s an amazing looking app!