Random Quote-http api error. Problem was code project

My pen- https://codepen.io/chri_del/project/editor/DYjVBZ/

I am getting an This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS error.

Can I get this api to give me back https? The docs do not show this an a option, so I guess not, but I’d rather not have to abandon the api I already hooked up

I’ve seen some people say just take the s out of the url, but this does nothing for me.

Can I make this work? I can’t find any info on making codepen run over http.

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The issue was that I created a PROJECT not a pen. Apparently for now, regular PENS still allow http. So I moved the work over there and it works.

In the future though, supposedly in June, all code pen work is going to become https, so all our hard http work is going to error out.