Random Quote/Lyrics Machine - Feedbacks Greatly Appreciated!

Good day fellow campers!

I just finished my random quote machine, which is more of a random song lyrics machine. My JSON file is hosted in dropbox. I included a ‘previous’ button in case you want to go back to the quote/lyrics. However, it can only go back one song for now. Please tell me what you think, and how I can improve it further. Thank you for the feedbacks!

PS. I would like to thank @jenovs and @BenGitter for their inputs!

edit: added the link (lol) thank you @kevcomedia for pointing out my silly mistake!

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You forgot the link to your quote machine :wink:

Nice :thumbsup:

The only thing I noticed is that it doesn’t scroll. It can be a problem if the quote’s too long and the buttons get hidden (on mobile anyway).

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I made it sure that the quotes are just enough for you to be able to tweet them (150 characters max). I will change the overflow property to affect only the x-axis so that it is possible to scroll down on mobile devices. Thank you for your input!