Random Quote Machin - I like neons!

Hello! So I build my Random Quote Machine and I wait for your feedback! I know that some colors are hard to read, but I’m going to change them to be more friendly.

Flashy Random Quote Machine

Please tell me what you think.


Digging it! My only suggestion would be to add transition: all .5s to the CSS of everything with the neon light that changes color. Change the ‘.5s’ to taste - that means half a second. Shouldn’t mess with your existing animations at all.

Thanks for feedback!
You made my day - from the beginning I wanted to make color transition, that is why I kept color once in .container-fluid class to animate it easily in JS with other animations, like fading the text. But it turns out that .animate() doesn’t support changing color css, so i left it (I read something about color plugin but I thought that I’ll do it later). I totally forgot that I can just add transition to color :smiley:
So thanks :slight_smile:

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@Zuroslaw it isn’t my style, but that is next-level awesome!!

This is really groovy! I would say the background is a bit dark. When the color transitions to a darker font (like purple) it’s harder to read.

I changed two colors, now at least quotes are visible :smiley:

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Looks nice!

You might want to add the functionality to shorten the quote if the total length of your tweet is longer than 140 characters.

Right, I added it, thanks :slight_smile: