Random Quote Machine - any feedback appreciated

Howdy campers

Feedback on my Random Quote Machine would be appreciated:

This is was for the Front End Libraries Projects - Build a Random Quote Machine challenge.

This is actually a remake of a version I did in 2017. Long story short, I took a prolonged break from FCC and when I returned the curriculum changed and expanded a lot, so I’m slowly reworking my way through the course.

Anyway, the app needed to be updated to pass the specified user stories. I also wanted to reacquaint myself with Bootstrap and jQuery and to try out Sass for the first time. I’m also using a different API, as forsimatic.com doesn’t support CORS and I wanted to use fetch(), which doesn’t support jsonp.

My code is more complicated than it needs to be. I wanted to mess around with Sass, so added in some variables, a function and a mixin — none of which are really necessary. And I also wanted to add in some error handling with fetch(). I figure that playing around with stuff is a good way of learning!


@cakeisaliegaming Your project looks great! I suggest moving it to prouction and adding a domain name to it so people can access it like a regular website. How about moving the button “Hit me again” button above container div because the button will move depending on the amount of text being displayed, especially on mobile?

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Thanks for the feedback!

That’s a good point about the button moving. I’ll try out some different locations and see what looks and works best.

I have a handful of apps that I’ve created as part of the FCC course and I have been thinking about putting some of them up on a free hosting site such as Netlify, Heroku or GitHub pages. But I need to do some more research on what the best solution is, particularly as I don’t want to spend money on hosting right now, but obviously there’s going to be some drawbacks to options that are free.

@cakeisaliegaming Brother, Netliy is a great option for hosting, it is fast, easy, and free. Free domain names are available on Freenom https://www.freenom.com/ . Surge.sh is also nice https://surge.sh/ for hosting.

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Cool, I’ll look into those. Thanks for the advice!