Random Quote Machine bug

I believe there is a bug in the test suit because when i run the test it will go from 11 out of 12 to 8 out of 12. Somethings going on and i didn’t make any changes to the code. Here is a length to my project: https://codepen.io/jsamuel1/pen/OeNbXz

You only have 3 quotes and one of the tests expects the previous quote to be different than the next quote. With only 3, there is a good chance those two are the same. You can add more quotes which will reduce the change of failing the tests or build some logic into your code which will never allow the next quote to be the same as the previous quote.

oh ok gotcha. However i do have a question about a user story?
I can tweet the current quote by clicking on the#tweet-quoteaelement. Thisaelement should include the"twitter.com/intent/tweet"path in it'shrefattribute to tweet the current quote.

What is the actual question regarding the tweet user story?

The question how do i create the tweet using html and javascript. Im kind of lost i dont even know where to start?

You can construct the URL using:
twitter URL + randomQuote + randomAuthor

Use the encodeURIComponent() function on the quote/author strings. Then set the href on the tweet button to that new URL string. Also, remember to add target="_blank" to the tweet button element.

You also can look at the example project for some help (ignore the inIframe and openURL functions)