Random Quote Machine centering buttons

Hi I’m having trouble with centering.
Both my quote box and my buttons will not center
What am I doing wrong?

for the buttons, add text-center class to div with class =row; see the code.

<div class = 'row text-center'>
<ul class = 'list-inline'>
<li><a href= '#' class = 'btn btn-default btn-lg get-quote'><i class = 'fa fa-quote-left fa-fw'></i>Get Quote</a></li>

<li><a href= '#' class = 'btn btn-default btn-lg share-quote'><i class = 'fa fa-twitter fa-fw'></i>Share Quote</a></li>


for the quote box do the following css file:

  border: 2px solid black;
  border-radius: 25px;
  padding: 25px;

I couldn’t see the forest for the trees…went a little overboard on the quote box

I understand and I do that some times too so you are not alone.