Random Quote Machine FCC Project Feedback

Recently finished this project. Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thx in advance.

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I like the idea, nice & simple!

I think your next step is to look at the UI. You might want to see what happens if you keep the quote-box a consistent size. Try see if you can get the ‘New quote’ button to stay in place so the user doesn’t have to track it, maybe with some breathing room between it and the quote itself?

The colours are also fun! Some are hard to read though (yellow, cyan) and that’s easy to adjust. Maybe research a specific colour pallet to save you some headache. :wink:

Nice one!

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Hi there,

great work!


  • some texts are hard to read (yellow text color on white background)
  • the “new quote” button jumps (because the quotes are different in their length)
  • there is no visual difference between difference parts (same color of quote, quote author, new button)

Keep up the good work!

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Thanks very much for your feedback.

I changed the colors that don’t look good.
regarding the consistent size, I realized that fixing the position of these boxes would lead to the site to no longer be responsive on smaller screens.
thus i decided that it is a smart idea to put the new quote button above the quote.

I know it doesn’t look nice, but that is the only solution I found.